Naturalization Records (1889-1983)

Records from the Orange County Superior Court concerning citizenship petitions and naturalization proceedings.

  • Declarations of Intention, 1889-1954
  • Naturalization Petitions, 1909-1982
  • Naturalization Petition Transfers, 1953-83
  • Certificates of Citizenship, 1889-1903
  • Record of Naturalization, 1903-1906
  • Naturalized Minors, 1889-1906
  • Naturalization Lists, 1929-65
  • Naturalization index, ca 1960-1982

The information about the applicant varies before 1906, when the forms were standardized by the Federal Government. After 1906, the Declarations and Petitions generally include the applicant’s name, address, date and place of birth, occupation, date of arrival, and information about their families. Some of the later petitions also include photographs of the applicant. (Prior to 1922, wives of naturalized men automatically became citizens, and until 1940, children under the age of 21 were naturalized with their father.)

For a list of citizens naturalized in Orange County from 1889 to 1905, please click here.