Orange County History

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Our Orange County History section is designed to provide a reliable source of information about the rich history of Orange County, California. Just click on any of the highlighted links.

To learn more, you can visit the Orange County Archives, or contact us.

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Agriculture and Industry
Section UL
 The Citrus Industry (13.1 KB)
County Government
Section UL
 History of the Environmental Management Agency, aka Public Works (438.4 KB)
 History of the Orange County Civic Center (10.8 KB)
 The Creation of Orange County (32.4 KB)
County Officials
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 County Assessors (22.2 KB)
 County Auditor-Controllers (28 KB)
 County Clerks and Recorders (83.4 KB)
 County Counsels (41.8 KB)
 County Executive Officers (109.7 KB)
 County Sheriffs (74.4 KB)
 County Supervisors (1.18 MB)
 County Treasurer-Tax Collectors (77.6 KB)
 District Attorneys (56.5 KB)
 Probation Department (83.1 KB)
 Superintendent of Schools (5.5 KB)
Eras and Events
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 Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Orange County (102.3 KB)
 World War I Veterans of Orange County (207.1 KB)
General Information
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 A Few Important Dates in OC History (15.2 KB)
 Brief History of Orange County (19.6 KB)
 County of Orange Historical Landmarks (40.6 KB)
 How Orange County Got Its Name (92.4 KB)
 Orange County History Photos (link)
Orange County Cities and Towns
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 City Incorporation Elections (12 KB)
 Orange County School Districts (13.3 KB)
Orange County’s Diverse Population
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 Orange County’s Chinatowns (191.8 KB)
 Pacific Beach Club (752.5 KB)
 Wintersburg Japanese Presbyterian Church (103.1 KB)
Other Sources
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 Links (link)
 Suggested Reading (28.3 KB)
Statistical Information
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 1900 Orange County Great Register of Voters (link)
 Number of Building Permits Approved 1950-2002 (21.7 KB)
 Number of Subdivisions Filed 1950-92 (42.2 KB)
 Orange County Naturalizations 1889-1905 (17.4 KB)
 Orange County Population (9.5 KB)
 Property Deeds Recorded 1946-91 (56.5 KB)
 Vehicle Registration Totals 1944-73 (8.3 KB)
 Voter Registration Totals 1938-80 (11.6 KB)
Tourism and Recreation
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 Disneyland (17.6 KB)
 Knott’s Berry Farm (15.1 KB)
Section UL
 The Pacific Electric Railway in Orange County (12.9 KB)