Records 1889-1965


Title: Orange County Board of Supervisors Records
Accession number: 1987/26
Received: October 19, 1987
Donor: Clerk of the Board
Extent: 55 boxes; 46 linear feet

Contents: Petitions, correspondence, deeds, applications, and other supporting documents associated with the Board of Supervisors minutes. Includes material on roads, school districts, annexations, and other matters brought before the board.

Dates: 1869-1975 (bulk 1890-1939)

Related Collections: Orange County Board of Supervisors Minutes, 1889-1965 (acc. 1994/5); Orange County Board of Supervisors Associated Minutes and Records (acc. 2003/2). Candidates Statements (acc. 2003/3)


Series 1 –  Petitions and Deeds: Roads (1869-1947) 16 linear feet. Material on the opening, closing, and construction of public roads and some other rights of way. Includes petitions, deeds, and other documents, organized by petition number and generally located by Road District. Some generalized locations have been added to the contents list; a separate “Index to Petitions and Deeds: Roads” is available, and provides a more detailed listing, organized by city or town.

Series 2 –  School Districts (1872-1940) 8.5 linear feet
Petitions, correspondence, election records, and other documents regarding district formation, annexations, bond elections, trustee elections, and other matters. Organized by district and date. A final group of folders includes budgets and taxation information for various districts, organized by year.

Series 3 –  Special Districts (1897-1945) 7.5 linear feet
Material on the formation and operation of special assessment districts for public improvements and services, organized by district name or number. Generalized locations have been added to the contents lists as needed.

  • 3.1 Acquisition and Improvement Districts.
  • 3.2 Cemetery Districts.
  • 3.3 Drainage Districts.
  • 3.4 Fire Protection Districts.
  • 3.5 Orange County Flood Control District.
  • 3.6 Orange County Harbor District.
  • 3.7 Improvement Districts. For improving streets.
  • 3.8 Fullerton Irrigation District
  • 3.9 Library Districts
  • 3.10 Lighting Districts
  • 3.11 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • 3.12 Sanitary Districts
  • 3.13 Storm Water Protection Districts
  • 3.14 Water Works Districts
  • 3.15 Orange County Water District

Series 4 –  Subject Files (1901-75) 9.5 linear feet
Assorted material on matters coming before the Board of Supervisors; includes petitions, contracts, and correspondence. Organized by type, then alphabetically. Generalized locations added as needed. 4.1 Annexations and Incorporations

  • 4.2 Bays, Harbors, Marinas and Wetlands
  • 4.3 Bridges
  • 4.4 County Agencies
  • 4.5 County Facilities
  • 4.6 County Finances
  • 4.7 Flood Control and Water Conservation
  • 4.8 Flood of March, 1938
  • 4.9 Forestry
  • 4.10 Purchase and Sale of Property
  • 4.11 Recreational Facilities
  • 4.12 Roads
  • 4.13 School Districts
  • 4.14 Special Districts
  • 4.15 Taxes
  • 4.16 Relief Programs
  • 4.17 Miscellaneous

Series 5 –  Applications for Licenses (1923-39) .75 linear feet
For pool rooms and public dance halls in unincorporated areas; some include petitions or correspondence supporting the application. Organized chronologically.

Series 6 –  Deeds (1904-39) 1 linear foot
Property deeds granted to the County of Orange; some include relevant excerpts from the Board of Supervisors minutes.

Series 7 –  Agreements and Leases (1915-43) .75 linear feet
Right of way leases for railroads, gravel pits, and other public uses; service agreements, and other county contracts. Organized chronologically; some by type of agreement.

Series 8 –  Candidate’s Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (1932-34) .75 linear feet
For county and township offices in the Primary Elections of August 30, 1932 and August 28, 1934, and the General Elections of November 8, 1932 and November 6, 1934. Also includes party statements. Some statements include cancelled checks and receipts.

Series 9 –  Certificates of Title (1907-39) .5 linear feet
Title reports and insurance certificates for real estate owned by, or being bought or sold by the County of Orange, indicating whether there are any encumbrances on the parcels. Organized chronologically.

Series 10 –  Correspondence Files: War Department (1930-39) .25 linear feet
Concerning coastal issues, piers, breakwaters, and other projects. Incoming correspondence only, organized chronologically.

Series 11 –  Applications: California Highway Patrol (1924-36) .25 linear feet
Correspondence, applications and other material from individuals seeking positions with the CHP. Organized chronologically.

Series 12 –  Petitions: Miscellaneous (1933-39) .5 linear feet
From individuals, cities, and corporations, dealing with various matters they wish brought before the Board of Supervisors including special districts, services, flood control and street matters. Organized chronologically; some generalized locations and topics have been added.