County Improvement Projects & State Highway Commission Papers

Acquisition Number:2009/3

Extent: One (1) Box

Repository: Orange County Archives

Abstract: These papers include County Improvement projects for the City of Dana Point, and State Inclusion records relating to road improvement and Storm Damage and Repair and others, as well as photographs of storm damage.

Language: English

Access: This collection is open to the public.

Preferred Citation: “Courtesy of Orange County Archives.”

Acquisition Information: Departmental transfer.

Processing History: Material processed in 2009 by Susan Berumen.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, maps, blueprints and photographs relating to road improvement and storm damage within the County of Orange from 1935 to 1970, with specific improvement projects in Dana Point.

Organization and Arrangement

Files have been maintained in original order; most of the maps, blueprints and photographs have been relocated for preservation purposes.

Collection Contents


1.1 State Inclusion (1937)
1.2 Collier-Burns Highway Act of 1947 (& information prior to Act)
1.3 County Improvement No. 17 (Dana Point)
1.4 County Improvement No. 19 (Dana Point)
1.5 Flood Relief Act of 1958
1.6 State Highway Commission (1932-1933)
1.7 State Highway Commission (1932-1933)
1.8 State Inclusion
1.9 Storm Damage I (1952-1959)
1.10 Storm Damage II (1963-1969)
1.11 Storm Damage I (1969-1970)
1.12 Storm Damage II (1969-1970)
1.13 Blueprints: 1. California Highway Commission Right of Way Map, 10 ¾” x 29 ¼”; 2 copies. June 1932, Rancho Mission Viejo area. 2. Topography Vicinity State Highway and Coast Blvd., 11 ¾” x 42”; 2 copies. February 5, 1934. 3. Proposed Reconstruction & Widening of State Highway in City of Laguna Beach wit New Street Connections. October 1933. 9 ¾” x 56”. The above blueprints are in a roll storage container inside Box #1.

Photographs: see below for subject and location.

1969 Photographs: Street Level (Located in vertical files under “Storm Damage”)

  • Hicks Canyon near agricultural station (F-27)
  • Culver Road near Warner looking South. Sheet flow probably from San Diego Creek overflow
  • Peters Canyon (F-06) North of Santa Ana Freeway. Note available capacity because Rattlesnake Wash Channel almost completely silted up, and flowing overland to Santa Ana Freeway
  • Peters Canyon (F-06) North of Roberts Road looking North. Note pier wall wave over top of bridge deck
  • Santa Ana Freeway (North side) at Peters Canyon (F-06). Note sheet flow from Rattlesnake Wash overtaxing parallel drainage structure adjacent to Freeway. Water has been as deep as 1 foot crossing Santa Ana Freeway
  • San Diego Creek (F-05) at Jeffrey Road looking upstream from gauging station. Note debris lodged on University Bridge
  • Santa Ana Freeway at Peters Canyon (F-06). Parallel drainage structure is overtaxed by sheet overflow from Rattlesnake Wash
  • San Diego Creek (F-05) at Barranca just East of Culver Road looking upstream
  • San Diego Creek at Barranca looking North. Water surface is breaking out of levee at various locations
  • Hicks Canyon near agricultural station (F-27)
  • Trabuco Road (F-25) at Yale Road
  • San Diego Creek (F-05) 1,000 feet upstream from Culver Road. Water is out of channel; note fallen eucalyptus tree
  • Peters Canyon (F-06) Navy Way Bridge looking downstream
  • Peters Canyon (F-06) at Navy Way Bridge. Note high water line in foreground and bridge approach
  • Rattlesnake Wash North of Irvine
  • Navy Way between F-06 and F-10 Channels. Note water sheet flowing across Navy Way from a relief structure under the AT & SF Railway Bridge –water from the break in the westerly levee of F-06
  • Peters Canyon (F-06) North of Navy Way at AT & SF Railway Bridge showing break in westerly levee (F-06) and sheet flow out of channel

1952 Photographs. Aerial photos (Located in vertical files under “Los Alamitos”)

  • Los Alamitos, 1/18/1952. Alamitos Blvd. and Cerritos
  • Los Alamitos, 1/18/1952. Alamitos Blvd. and Katella

1969 Flood Photographs, Silverado Canyon. Aerial photos (Located in vertical files under “Silverado Canyon”).

  • Storm Damage, 15 photographs, 9” x 9” (flight date 2/26/1969)

Storm Damage Photographs

  • Silverado Canyon, 10 photographs, 9” x 9” (possibly 8/28/1947)

From California Highway Commission Proposed Additions to State Secondary Highway System in Orange County Report dated July 1932. See staff for access to photos below.

  • Midway City: 5 ¾” x 3 ½” black & white
  • Ocean View: 5 ¾” x 3 ½”, black & white
  • Buena Park: 5 ¾” x 3 ½”, black & white
  • Buena Park: 5 ¾” x 3 ½”, black & white
  • North of Stanton, 5 ¾” x 3 ½”, black & white
  • Stanton, 5 ¾” x 3 ½”, black & white