Orange County Maps

Our map collection consists of thousands of maps, dating back to the 1850s. It includes official maps filed with the county, copies of maps of this area filed with Los Angeles County before 1889, topographical maps dating back to the early 1900s, and Thomas Bros. map books dating back to 1952.

Among our principal holdings are:

Los Angeles County Maps

Originals, volumes 1-3 (ca 1858-1889)
Microfilm, volumes 1-3 (ca 1858-1889)

Miscellaneous Maps

Originals, volumes 1-29 (1889-1929)
Microfilm, volumes 1-409 (1889-1977)

Record of Survey Maps

Originals, volumes 1-5 (1892-1935)
Microfilm, volumes 1-97 (1892-1977)

Parcel Maps

Microfilm, volumes 1-99 (1965-977)

State Highway Maps

Originals, volumes 1-2
Microfilm, volumes 1-10