Archives in Education

Archives in Education has two parts: OC Stories, slide shows featuring memorable Orange County places and events, and our 3rd Grade Local History Curriculum Supplement. Our curriculum supplement includes 14 downloadable Lesson Plans, plus a Teacher Manual program cover, Introduction and Getting Started, and a suggested Reading List. (The curriculum supplement also is available as a suitcase exhibit. Contact the Archives for more information on scheduling the exhibit for your classroom.)

To download the materials, just click on any of the links below.

OC Stories
Section UL
 Anaheim (3.06 MB)
 Birth of Orange County (2.24 MB)
 City of Orange (3.99 MB)
 Cypress (50th Anniversary) (4.75 MB)
 Discovery of Oil (4.72 MB)
 Disneyland (3.12 MB)
 Freeways (1.76 MB)
 Garden Grove (2.87 MB)
 Knott's Berry Farm (2.43 MB)
 La Palma (3.96 MB)
 Madame Modjeska (2.08 MB)
 Mexican Heritage (2.23 MB)
 Newport Beach (100th Anniversary) (5.64 MB)
 OC Airport (2.49 MB)
 OC Register (100th Anniversary) (2.42 MB)
 OC's 120th Birthday (5.16 MB)
 Old County Courthouse (5.42 MB)
 On Location: Orange County in Silent Film (25.83 MB)
 Pacific Electric in OC (Red Cars) (3.04 MB)
 Santa Ana (5.31 MB)
 Stanton (3.95 MB)
Third Grade Local History Supplement- Ranchos, Citrus & a Mouse
Section UL
 A. Teacher Manual Cover (270.5 KB)
 Introduction Letter and Getting Started (127.9 KB)
 Lesson 1 Slide Show (14.8 MB)
 Lesson 1: Introduction to Orange County History (215.7 KB)
 Lesson 10: The Citrus Industry Takes Off (1.46 MB)
 Lesson 11: Orange County Grows (1.07 MB)
 Lesson 12: World War II and Agriculture (1.6 MB)
 Lesson 13: Times Change for Orange County (1.33 MB)
 Lesson 14: Modern Times (536.6 KB)
 Lesson 2: From Ranchos to Farming (855.8 KB)
 Lesson 3: Making Things Grow (719.7 KB)
 Lesson 4: How Communities Are Formed (1.16 MB)
 Lesson 5: Why Water is Essential for Growth (833.6 KB)
 Lesson 6: Irvine Ranch: An Important Player (1.09 MB)
 Lesson 7: Dairy Farming in Orange County (1.05 MB)
 Lesson 8: Natural Disasters (1.26 MB)
 Lesson 9: "Everything Has a Price" Game Cards (31.7 KB)
 Lesson 9: Transportation and Agriculture (1.08 MB)